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Inner and outer beauty : crafting new libraries and visiting them

1001 Before You Die"1001 libraries to see before you die" launched, and Public Library of the Year 2014 award presented at the session hosted by IFLA’s Public Libraries Section and Library Buildings and Equipment Section.

Marc Chauveinc, 1929-2014

Marc Chauveinc passed away last month. French professional, General Inspector of libraries, he was well known for his skills in organising and in promoting the French language, especially within IFLA.

Mass internet surveillance: what libraries can do

As the Snowden's revelations made it clear, mass internet and telecommunications surveillance are a reality in today's world....

True Confessions of an IFLA Officer

Opportunities—responsibilities—rewards Russell S. Lynch


Visite de bibliothèques locales : Centres de Documentation et d'Information (CDI) d'établissements scolaires lyonnais

Vendredi 22 août, des visites de bibliothèques sont organiséesTrois exemples de CDI français traditionnels transformés en learning centres

20 August 2014

Interview with Anne Verneuil

Anne Verneuil, president of the Association des Bibliothécaires de France (ABF) (French Librarians Association)

4000 librarians can't be wrong! Reflections on IFLA WLIC 2014

IFLA Professional Committee Chair, Lynne Rudasill

I hope you have had a marvelous time thus far and that your enjoyment and engagement continues through Thursday and beyond.

Wednesday's Plenary Session: Pierre Dillenbourg

Pierre Dillenbourg20 August 2014 08:30 - 09:15 | Room: Amphithéâtre

Professor of Learning Technologies from one of the top universities for Science and Technology in Europe to speak on his surprising experiences with MOOCs (Massive open online courses)

The right to E-read Campaign

The Right to E-read Campaign

Interview with Klaus-Peter Böttger, President of EBLIDA